Chanel beauté S/S ’18: all about Naples

The sun is rising over Naples: a multicultural, historical, vibrant hub of hedonism, an undiscovered Italian jewel. Look at its pastel-colored peeled walls, grandiose buildings, fragments of greenery and bewitching views over the slopes of Vesuvius, little boats in the Naples Bay and the famous Amalfi coast itself… Everything comes to life and blossoms in the soft rays of sunshine, and brings out the delicious anticipation of what will be next to capture the attention. Naples has a lot to offer for a curious eye. You have to prepare to decipher multiple riddles that lead to ancient times, soak up the grandeur of Time and at the same time, attest your smallness next to the power of nature and history. Naples is precisely about that. Oh, and the colors, which merit a separate paragraph.

For spring summer 2018 beauty collection, Lucia Pica (Chanel global creative makeup and color designer) gets inspired by Naples’ colors and translates their vibrancy, richness and ephemeral beauty into a set of indispensable makeup must-haves. Lucia Pica describes her hometown as “sacred and sensual, ancient and modern, immortal and spectacular, historical and alive”: the exuberant collection is conceived in a way to portray the polymorphous identity of Naples, without forgetting a single aspect. Moisturizing balms and pigmented powders are inspired by ancient frescoes, eye shadow palettes echo the mysterious pastel shades of city’s walls and provide a special touch of sophistication, nail colors pop in explosive, energetic, volcanic shades and translate a sentiment of eternal summer. What a perfect way to start the spring season and indulge in its heart-warming promises; why not book a trip to Naples right away? No need to wonder what’s going to be in your makeup bag…

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