Golden autumn with & Other Stories

When someone asks me if I like autumn, I always find myself pausing mid-sentence. No, I don’t like cold weather and putting on multiple layers of clothes. I don’t like short days and especially, especially that numbing feeling I get when the alarm clock goes off at 5:30 in the morning – it’s almost like waking up in the middle of the night for an early flight, except that my destination is not some kind of exciting new city that would fill my stomach with butterflies but a lecture on some subject that seems far too trivial this early in the morning. I also don’t like rain – I tend to forget my umbrella which makes it even worse. A lot of hate for the cold season, right? On the other hand, I realize that some of the most memorable magical moments of my life took place exactly in the midst of these cold, dark and seemingly tiring months.

Short days? There’s nothing more romantic than lighting scented candles (but only if they don’t give you headaches – I’m not always that lucky) and spending a good hour or two off the social media while reading a book. Dark evenings and long nights are made for this, so don’t waste your chance. Bad weather? That doesn’t necessarily mean staying in all the time. Set up a goal to visit only new places with friends (or by yourself, it doesn’t really matter!) – one at the time. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that dream café which will make you feel like a movie heroine, slowly drinking a cup of tea and looking mysteriously through the window, while the heavy raindrops provide a cinematographic soundtrack. I don’t know why, but the meetings/people are always so much warmer when it’s cold outside. Layers of clothes? Well, I actually don’t mind it that much if the clothes are beautiful. A cozy, colorful sweater was my number one priority this season.

I’d be lying if I said Parisian autumns were dull, dark and boring. Here I get to experience the golden autumn of the purest kind – I always recommend my friends to visit the city either in April/May or in October! That is why I also want to dress accordingly and find something cheerful, quirky and stylish at the same time. & Other Stories is probably one of my favorite stores (100% sincere here) – that’s where I met the sweater of my dreams and the golden chain leather bag I styled with it. I’d been looking for a subtle red beauty like this one for ages!

This season’s obsession with the office attire and all shapes/silhouettes/prints related to it has beautifully translated to my wardrobe with this Maje skirt, distinct for its Prince-of-Wales check. According to the mix & match philosophy prevailing the current style horizon, the checks go with everything. The truth is, this skirt does go with practically everything – a colorful oversized sweater, a white shirt or a plain T-Shirt, romantic flower blouse in royal purple, leather jacket… No wonder it’s one of the most versatile autumn trends.

All photos by Nadia Gric 

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