One year birthday!

When I started this website one year ago, I absolutely had no idea what to expect – the only thing I knew for sure is that I didn’t want to be put in the same ‘blogger’ mold that pretty much everyone has been trying to fit into. The main reason behind doing all of this was quite/too simple – probably like every other aspiring journalist, in order to become noticed (and published) I have to write every single day and pitch relevant, up-to-date content to different magazines, which, unfortunately, doesn’t always get published because of various reasons. Over the years, I have accumulated a whole folder of unused articles, some of them weren’t even finished due to lack of motivation, while some of the others are genuinely my favorite articles. So I needed to know that no matter what, my work will be read somewhere – at least in the site of my own name.

photo: Nadia Gric

Well, it’s not the fanciest of ways to start writing a one-year-birthday post, but I believe that acknowledging this very first, completely un-glamorous reason to start writing a blog shines a very particular (and needed) light on the outcome of this adventure.  Over the past twelve months, I have learned more about writing than in the last couple of years. There have been times when I decided deliberately not to submit an article to the magazine and rather publish it here, in order to get a more honest and closer engagement and it completely paid off; sometimes, one article would prompt another one and result in a bigger project for magazines; oh, and I have also made friends with some of the readers. All of this probably sounds incredibly cheesy but it has only affirmed what I was suspecting one year ago: journalism is changing so fast that it’s impossible to work out what to do without immersing completely in these changes.  While blogging is not exactly journalism – that this format lets me be less formal, more at ease both in style and choice of topics – it does teach a lot about it.

So, what has happened during these months? The thing I was the most excited about was a possibility to share the impressions from travelling. I had never written about it before, which is quite ironic, because travelling usually provides the most interesting ideas and experiences. I posted a love letter to Venice, which is one of my favorite cities, and also wrote about incredible Chanel exhibition I got to see there. I rarely appreciate visuals over text in my articles, but the post on French Riviera was a real delight to create.

I’m also very happy about having presented promising names in the fashion industry (both Lithuanian and others, for example, House of Faige, D.efect, Adeam or Jacquemus) and having tackled some of the most mind-nagging questions in the industry. My favorite is this one: is dressing extravagantly overrated?

While I was looking through the interviews, I still had to pinch myself in order to understand that I really did talk with all of these people: here’s the incredible Valentine Pozzo di Borgo from the mysterious Quintessence brand, Carin Olsson from the cult Paris In Four Months blog, French designer Inga Sempé, who happened to be one of my very first French interviewees (you can imagine how scared I was before talking to her); global fashion industry players, such as H&M designers Pernilla Wohlfahrt and Andreas Lowenstam… Writing my very own blog and showcasing fashion industry through my own lenses has opened me doors to the Paris Fashion Week – this year was my first one when I got to experience the most intriguing, intense and fascinating event in the whole industry from within (H&M S/S 2017 show is unforgettable up until this day!) However, my recap of the latest fashion week (F/W 17/18), where I attended several shows (including Magda Butrym, John Galliano, Ann Demeulemeester and others) is still yet to come – L’Officiel Lithuania readers will be the first ones to see it.

Last but not least, I really enjoy writing about Paris and sharing my own experience of the city – I still get questions concerning various aspects of Parisian life, which I’m always very happy to answer. As promised, one of my next articles will be an exhaustive Q/A story including every single question I’ve ever received about the city. Until then, I share link to one of the most popular articles in my website: list of non-tourist places that I personally enjoy and recommend.

So, what’s to come? To tell sincerely, my number one plan is to publish all the articles waiting in the line, share an interview with a French designer Amélie Pichard whom I’ve grown to admire very much and the afore-mentioned articles on Paris Fashion Week and Paris in general. The initial experiment phase is over and I’d love to believe that the upcoming year will be even more significant for my growth and my story-telling experience. I also have my goal/dream list and I do hope the second year will be the time when I accomplish them. But we’ll talk about that in October 2018!

Thank you for reading!

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