H&M Studio S/S 2017: First look

With so many seismic shifts changing the landscape of fashion for the past several seasons, there aren’t any doubts that we’re entering a new epoch where absolutely all the traditional, rigid rules are being unmercifully shattered: What models do we want to see on the stage? What kind of attitude do we want designers to have regarding the customers? What kind of clothes do we want to wear? How? And, most importantly, when?

Yesterday the fashion giant H&M presented a collection which marked an important milestone for them in many ways: it was the first one including the ensembles both for women and men and it was also the first show following the famous “See Now Buy Now” concept, which means that immediately after the demonstration the guests could shop entire looks from a special pop-up store. Which also means that you can do the same in H&M stores all around the world. It’s exciting to know that you don’t have to wait for  6 months to buy that special thing you loved on the runway, isn’t it? (even though I have to say I’m really interested to see how the rest of the fashion industry is going to adapt to this new strategy…)

H&M Studio S/S17 backstage. Photo: courtesy of H&M
Pop up store. Photo courtesy of H&M


Having joined the H&M family as the representative of H&M Lithuania, I was absolutely fascinated by the show: The collection was sending a really strong and positive message, embodied not only by the written “LOVE” motif which was recurrent in many ensembles, but also by the whole atmosphere, starting from the venue (tennis club turned into a huge light room with bucolic details) finishing with the way models adopted and presented their looks.  People were going crazy seeing models walk the runway in such a nonchalant and cheerful manner! As for the clothes, they celebrated the soft, romantic sides of femininity and masculinity, and the way Pernilla Wohlfart and Andreas Lowenstam chose to incarnate these ideas was simple, but original and unconventional at the same time: Oversized silhouettes, see-through materials, ruffles on the garments which are usually used for making sport clothes, minimalistic four-shade-only color palette (consisting of black, white, fuchsia and moss green) – everything was true to the spirit of the brand and true to the spirit of our times. One of the main concerns of designers is to stay relevant season after season, and H&M does it with such an ease and effortlessness!

Here are some of my favorite runway looks (I have to say I especially loved the fuchsia ensembles, I don’t know what’s happening between pink and me these days!):


The show was crowned by a surprise performance from The Weeknd (!!!), followed by an exclusive pop-up store, DJ show and… great food (I ate the sweetest eclair of my life –  such pastry filled with caramel at midnight time was a really heavy sin, but soo worth it!) H&M certainly knows how to party, right?




Stephane Feugère

This is only a first part on H&M. Exclusive interviews with Parnilla Wohlfart and Andreas Lowenstam as well as more insights into the collection are coming soon in L’Officiel Lithuania magazine and later on my blog!

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