Style diaries: Paris in pink

I’ve noticed that recently my attention has been gravitating towards romantic, sweet, even infantile styles and details, such as pink color, flowing fabrics, glitter – this mysterious interest inspired me to write an article on Barbie/princess image quite widely represented on spring-summer 2017 runways (make sure you read it here). I’m always fascinated by the way designers choose to represent femininity and how extremely different their visions can be, but during years I’ve discovered that despite a little bit of controversy or even judgement surrounding the pink color, it can be considered a constant, irreplaceable game player in this never ending quest of sweetness and so-called “femininity”. Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of pink color and I’d rarely opt for its bright version, but I do adore its subtle iterations, especially blush pink tone.

This weekend in Paris was clearly an early spring promise. All the blue skies, singing birds, seagulls in the horizon put me in a very cheerful and romantic mood. I chose one of my favorite springtime dresses with very beautiful flower motifs and matched it with my warm pink coat to protect myself from strong winds, the only reminders of a chilly winter’s presence. I also make my own transition to spring mode by switching the practical black winter bag into another color, so I opted for a faded, pale rose-toned one which I carry with me every warm season.




Can I also note how perfect these locations are? Pont des Arts may not be the most attractive bridge in the city, but it gives a very beautiful look over the Seine river and Institut de France, which is definitely an Instagram-worthy building. In addition, on the other side of the bridge you instantly enter the Cour carré, a grandiose place inside of the whole Louvre ensemble. I’m not sure that many of you have heard of it, and that’s the biggest paradox: it’s a completely open space, but usually it’s… tourist-free (or I’m really lucky to visit it when it’s practically empty!) Every time I’m there, I’m enchanted by the monumentality of the whole ensemble and surrounding buildings. And just a stone’s throw away we can find one of the longest streets in Paris, a picturesque Rue de Rivoli… During Paris Fashion Week, this street is definitely one of the busiest: A lot of action takes place there and it’s very likely to get a glimpse of someone famous! Last year, completely caught up in the whole fashion week craziness, I spent so much time in Tuileries garden and this street just absorbing all the beautiful images, people, outfits and styles changing in front of me. Can’t wait to experience it all over again the next week!






Outfit details:
Coat by Pierre Cardin
Dress by Pepe Jeans
Bag by Michael Kors
Shoes by Kenzo

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