Maison Margiela at Galeries Lafayette

One of the biggest shopping places in Paris, Galeries Lafayette, has now teamed up with Maison Margiela to present its unique pop-up store, located on the second floor. A curious peek into designs that reflect the singular universe of the cult fashion house.

On a chilly Saturday afternoon, Galeries Lafayette seem to be even more welcoming as ever: the Christmas fairytale is floating in the air, inviting to enjoy the festive mood and get lost in the world of pretty things. The shopping centre constantly collaborates with different designers and offers unique glimpses to their creations. This time, it’s Maison Margiela which can undoubtedly be crowned as one of the most enigmatic faces of the contemporary fashion. Nobody has ever seen Margiela’s face, nobody has an idea of what he looks like. Idem for his brand: no advertisements, no logos (only numbers), no particular marketing strategies at all…



Margiela’s attitude to fashion represents a fresh departure from the usual norms even today, when a new generation of standard-defying designers is at the current zeitgeist and nothing seems to be as challenging as it used to be. “What’s important is that Margiela is all about deconstruction”, – tells me the brand’s assistant. “All the clothes are modified in such ways so that they wouldn’t be similar to anything else. This can also be applicable to the materials”. Indeed, one of the things that immediately catch the attention is the diversity of fabrics (fur, leather, glitter to name a few) that make the most outstanding pieces. Idea of non-conventionality is threaded through Margiela’s signature designs. The pop-up store is also exceptional and corresponds to Margiela’s pure, even sterilized vision of fashion: it looks more like a laboratory that a shop. Not to mention that the assistant is also wearing a white uniform… Surrounded by festive decorations and excess, it looks even more impressing. Don’t hesitate and go take a first look yourself!

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