L’Officiel Lithuania: Opera issue

I’ve always dreamt of making an interview, which would be bigger than just one conversation – I was thinking in particular about a series of interviews in different periods of time or a conversation with many people on the same subject. Isn’t this a dream of every journalist? Well, yesterday this dream finally took its shape.

I’m very thankful for L’Officiel Lithuania for trusting me and giving me a possibility to create an interview series which is my longest article yet to date – the experience was incredible and so enriching it almost feels surreal! During past several weeks, I was talking with some of the most famous and talented Lithuanian opera artists, working in the most prestigious theaters all over the world – Edgaras Montvidas, Laimonas Pautienius, Justina Gringyte, Jovita Vaskeviciute, Kostas Smoriginas, Jurgita Adamonyte and Sandra Janusaite. And of course, with the director Dalia Ibelhauptaite… My main focus was to understand what it means to be an opera artist right now, how does it feel to finally sing the dream roles and what do these roles bring to their own lives, question the reality of opera in different countries, trace the most important stages in their personal and professional evolution. The experience was very sincere and intime. Mysterious or open, reserved or openly joyful, ambitious, striving for perfection, sophisticated  – all of them have distinct characters that leave no doubts why they’re so successful. I just want to say thank you for my wonderful interviewees.

These are intriguing conversations with people, who have dedicated their lives for decrypting mysteries of the opera. For my Lithuanian readers: find the whole story in the newest issue of L’Officiel out right now!

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