Love letter to Venice

Last week, I had a little getaway from Paris to my beloved Italy, or more precisely, to a little gem in its North, Venice. Just before the voyage, I was studying about Giovanni Bellini (a well-known artist who’s often considered to be the father of the Renaissance in Venice) for my Art history presentation.  It’s actually an interesting coincidence – I was flipping through the pages of immense books, studying in detail meticulous and intricate paintings, learning about this miraculous city in probably one of its most splendid times just to find out some days later that echoes of this epoch are still very much present there. It was this knowledge, which allowed me to grasp what the invisible and charming aura of Venice consists of – it wasn’t the first time I traveled to Venice, but it was the time I discovered it.The visit was even more pleasurable because instead of thick mist or rain showers, I found a city enjoying sun baths – something quite unexpected for the beginning of November.

This unexplainable atmosphere is very comforting yet fascinating at the same time. Venice has that enviable quality of ignorance about the modernity – the only signs of the modern world are luxurious boutiques peeking from the small corners. That said, Venice’s grandeur is definitely its most important characteristic. The city’s atmosphere is not light nor easy: you just have to succumb to it, knowing that Venice offers treasures only for those whose eyes and minds are extremely attentive.


Venice is incredibly small, but it also offers an incredible amount of possibilities to get lost while wandering around the streets – I haven’t seen so many narrow passages in any other place. It can look tricky and mysterious, but the sense of being lost here is a great pleasure. One of the most magical moments is just after the sunset, when night falls on the city and wraps it in its silence and darkness – without the sounds of cars and with so little lights, it almost feels surreal. Venice’s only soundtrack at night is the dribbling of water and distant echoes of sea gulls.

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Venice, you are charming for your heavy façades, your royal color palette, your dignity, your silence, your water banks, your cultural heritage, and even though you’re often reduced to a city of gondolas and masks, they’re far from the things that represent you the best. Keeping in mind that every city has many different facets, it’s ironical that the city  associated with masks is the one that doesn’t need or have any. Venice, you are a small universe so harmoniously constructed that there are no details that don’t seem to belong to you. Everything here is only and exclusively yours.

Venice, you are charming for all the stories you have but especially for the ones you’ll never tell, the ones that will be kept in secret and known only by the oldest buildings and the statues. I hope that next time I’ll be able to see and feel even the tiniest bit more of your treasures. A presto, Venezia!

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During my visit, I also had a chance to see exclusive exhibition “Chanel: La donna che legge” in Ca’Pesaro Venice, international modern art gallery. Keep in touch – the article is coming up! 

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